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Our Food Bank is open every Monday from 10:00am-Noon in the Youth Building between the Church and the Family Life Center.

The needs of our community and church family continue, as does our need for your assistance with our Food Bank Ministry.  We include in every box a box of cereal, two quarts of milk, canned soup, green beans, corn, baked beans, rice, peanut butter, jelly, mac and cheese, tuna, chicken, (or) spam, spaghetti and sauce, and Vienna sausages.    Any food you contribute will be distributed, but be careful when you take food from your cupboard that it has not expired.  We do not give out food that has passed its “Use By Date.”  In April we distributed 26 boxes of staples and 10 Easter baskets of special food.  We are grateful for any donations you wish to make.  There is a cart in the lobby for your food; cash donations may be placed in the offering plate.   


Thanks you for your generosity from your Food Bank Team:    

Kay Olson, Mitch Williford, Charlotte Hatfield, Glenn Linsinbigler, Robin and Jay Bell


Street Eats is a ministry of making a bag of non-perishable food items, clean socks, bottled water, and a list of local resources available to the congregation for distribution to anyone asking for food on the street.  These bags are available in the lobby of the church.  You are invited to take one to keep in your vehicle to give away to a person in need.

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